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Mentor Program

The AWN’s Mentoring Program is designed to help AWN professional members reach a new level in their personal and professional lives. The goal of the program is to match a mentor, or a couple of mentors, with a mentee in order to guide and counsel the mentee through a transitioning process in their professional, personal lives, and in the community. All applicants must be current members of AWN or selected mentees specifically identified by an AWN Sponsor organization.

The design of the AWN program is a combination of one-on-one meetings with your mentor and participating in group meetings which occur about 4-6 times a year. There is a one-time program fee of $25 to cover expenses for the group meetings.

Defining Mentoring
Mentoring is most often referred to as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) guides and counsels another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge for professional and personal growth. Mentoring is particularly valuable to those who have mastered the basic skills involved in their present position and are ready to develop additional professional expertise, expand their skill set, and gain overall personal enrichment.

AWN Program Overview
All applicants must be current AWN members. Links to applications for both mentors and mentees can be found at the bottom of this page.

One-on-One Mentor/Mentee Meetings
The recommended frequency for meetings, whether face-to-face or over the phone, is about once every 4 weeks. In the first meeting, the mentee sets up her goals for the mentoring relationship, and subsequent meetings (initiated by the mentee), which can be used for discussion of progress toward goals along with other issues and interests.

Group Meetings
Group meetings are held approximately every two months. Group meetings allow the participants to share experiences and challenges, thus leveraging the knowledge of the group. These sessions include developmental seminars, guest lectures, or team presentations. Other informal activities including breakfasts, evening gatherings, volunteer engagements, and shared reading lists are scheduled during the year.

Program Participation Commitment
There is a 10-month time commitment and a $25 annual fee for mentees. Payment must be attached to the application for program consideration.

What is expected of the AWN Mentee?
• Takes ownership for her own growth and development.
• Takes primary responsibility for initiating and managing the mentoring partnership.
• Devotes the necessary time and energy to make the partnership a priority.
• Discusses her development needs openly.
• Listens actively and asks for what she would like or what she needs from the mentor.
• Is open to help and guidance.
• Is realistic about what she can expect from her mentor.
• Is respectful of the mentor’s time and will notify the mentor well in advance if she has to cancel a scheduled mentoring meeting.
• Completes an online exit survey upon fulfilling the 10-month mentoring program commitment.

What is expected of the AWN Mentor?
• Maintains confidentiality.
• Coaches the mentee on one or more specific skills or issues.
• Listens and serves as an objective sounding board.
• Connects the mentee to other mentors who can also be of assistance.
• Challenges the mentee to move beyond the status quo or comfort zone as appropriate.
• Helps the mentee focus on her whole self, including leadership development objectives and longer-term goals.
• Advises the Mentoring Committee Chair of general progress of the mentoring relationship.

Mentee Application

Mentor Application



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