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7 Steps to Find Your P*U*R*P*O*S*E

Let’s start with the definition of PURPOSE!  It is the reason something is done, the aim or intention of something, feeling of being determined to do or achieve something – it is something that we TRY to do!

Personally, I love acronyms and with this one, we are going to start at the bottom!    So, here we go……

E:  Expectations are led by our experiences. We all have a life of novel proportion and our experiences vary.  Even though those experiences can be positive or negative, those flashbulb memories dictate and predict our future memories because now we have a preconceived EXPECTATION before the experience is allowed.  

For example: relationships with money, parents, siblings, future partners, friends, co-workers, and strangers…all led by our previous experiences so our expectations are guided and already being shaped.  

S:  Recall that novel we have all lived?  Well, what is your signature story? What has happened that makes you YOU and ONLY You? It really doesn’t take much digging to find your story – even though the journey is similar; we have different destinations and pit stops too!  

Ask yourself, what excited you as a kindergartener? What was your favorite toy, show, game, and activity – what pulled at your heart strings the most?  Then, what was your biggest fear? If you could PREVENT anything, what would it be? What still scares you? Walking into a room alone, speaking to strangers, embarking on a new venture or relationship, facing your history or your signature story, that you may not be liked or that you might not succeed

So, now that you can acknowledge your signature story – what is your strategy to use that for the good and to your favor? 

O: If you are driven with PURPOSE they I bet you are outspoken for your cause, your reason and your motivation.  You are likely to find that your PURPOSE is your new obsession too. If so, that is OKAY!  

Yet, be OPEN and ready for objection, that is merely their opinion and behind every obstacle is an opportunity to make a difference or to make it better!  Let your natural optimism shine to take over because I bet; your PURPOSE is bigger than you! 

P: For the most part, as humans, our decisions and behaviors are pretty predictable because we operate from those experiences and expectations.  We all have those friends that seem to stay in abusive or destructive relationships and we ask ourselves WHY?  Bottom line, it is what they expected so it easily becomes their new reality EVERY time.   

It only takes ONE decision to change that historically predictable expectation, especially if you do NOT like the consistent outcome.  

So, what happens when you decide to have a new PURPOSE?  Start by deciding to be prideful in and for yourself? Decide that you are perfect, precious, and prosperous.  This helps you will find a peace within yourself.  Then that peace will become popular and POWERFUL and that is priceless!!!! 

R:  With this new opinion – this new belief – this new attitude and new outlook; your reality will start to change, your relationships will begin to shift and you will develop a new reason of being. 

This new realism becomes representative of you and then ownership causes a new stance, a new sense of being and a new presence.  When others notice this new you that is when you know you have evolved into the you that has a strong vision, mission and purpose

U: You are UNIQUE!  Bottom line, no one can do U better than U!  No one has lived your signature story, had your experiences nor has anyone lived with your expectations. They don’t have your level of optimism for how much better the world can be either. 

U can bet they don’t see the potential and possibility available! That is acceptable because no one can create the change that U can, guaranteed.  


Passion is the # 1 way to find your purpose!!!  

When I taught psychology, I used to tell my students to find something that you would do for FREE – – – now, I also advised them NOT to go give up their salary or turn in their paycheck.  But if you can find something that you would do for free then you have found your TRUE calling or your PURPOSE!!!  

It can be derived from something that happened to you or to someone you know/love.  It can also be derived from just that one thing that brings you the MOST joy! Can you answer any of these quickly?  

What are you passionate about?

What brings you the most joy?

What creeps into the crevices of your life regularly and without you being aware? 

What is the one thing that you would do or have over anything else?

What is the thing that those that know you can identify you with? 

Finding your PURPOSE just takes a little digging into your wealth of self- knowledge and then tweak what keeps you from tapping into and utilizing that self-talent for a bigger and better good.

You are a wealth of knowledge and you need to educate others – don’t be fearful of what others might think either – – – they are just as scared as you are – be the light for others to find their way!!!!


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