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Are you afraid to take your foot off the gas? The Power of Slowing Down

By Diana Murphy

As an executive wellness coach, I often hear people’s fear of slowing down. They are afraid if they slow down their business will fall apart, they won’t hit their goals, and nothing will get done. Sound familiar?

This mindset can create feelings of being stuck, not having enough time, and not being worth it when it comes to decisions around food, exercise and rest.

Simple steps can be taken to unlock this lack of motivation in our lives around eating well and taking great care to get enough rest and movement in our lives.

Slow down and savor your meals. Stop eating at your desk, stop eating on the run, give your body your mind the FULL pleasure of enjoying that meal.  This doesn’t require more than 15 minutes out of your day.  If you have more time take it!!

Stop when you realize you’re hungry.
Take a few relaxing breaths before you eat.
Savor your food, eat slowly and stop when you’re satisfied.
Eat outside, at your favorite table in the cafeteria, enjoy some music on your iPod.
Make this a pleasurable break in your day.


When we eat fast, our body can’t use this fuel and even healthy food can turn to fat. (Yup, it’s scientifically proven).
When we give ourselves a break in the middle of our day, our brain has a chance to process, slow down and get refreshed.
When you eat more slowly you will be more in tune with your appetite so you’re not overeating at meals.
When we choose to slow down at meals times during our day, we reduce the experience of physical stress.


Honor when you’re hungry so that you aren’t starved when you eat.
Have healthy food on hand at work so that you look forward to stopping for lunch.
Note the restaurants that work for your taste buds and convenience.
Use grocery and fresh food delivery options if your time margins are small.

Diana Murphy, Executive Wellness Coach, has served as an Award Winning Weight Watchers Leader for corporations like CNN and Southern Company.  She is a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach and has been serving clients for 3 years. Her specialty is helping people to lose weight, reduce stress and increase their confidence in life so that they can continue to outperform their personal and professional goals. In her practice, she coaches her favorite client the Type A, Top Performing professional that wants to make a shift in their physical and/or emotional wellness. Visit her website at dianamurphycoaching.com. Subscribe here for more monthly articles. Email her at Diana@dianamurphycoaching.com for a complimentary workshop for you or your company.


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