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Do you honestly have good Girlfriends? If so, are they helping you and your business GROW?

When I moved to the Atlanta metro area three years ago my favorite saying was “You can’t get no New Old Friends.” Boy was I wrong. Since coming to GA it has been my new girlfriends that have helped me to find my way with everything from tips on places to go, growing my business through writing my 1st book, which hairstylist to use and much more.

Our lives are filled with different relationships each having its own level of importance to us. Those of us that married our “best friend” are blessed in having a life-long partner to share your peaks and valleys with. However, as close as your bond is with your spouse the relationship you share with your girlfriends is almost like a secret society and a bond that is a rare gem. Look at the girlfriend relationship between Oprah and her BFF Gayle King. True girlfriends can recall your past better than you and see your future brighter than you could ever imagine it to be. Oprah stated that “I have never been as happy for me as what Gayle has been for me.” Many of the things that we experience in business and in life are not new. In many cases your girlfriends can relate because they too may have had those or similar experiences. This allows your girlfriends to be your cheerleader, pity party thrower, dream inspirer, motivator and feet in the cement supporter! A true ride or die.

I founded the League of Girlfriends in 2016 because I found that many women, like me, moved to the Atlanta tri-state area and left their girlfriends at home. Long gone are the days when we could play a game of hopscotch and meet new “life-long” girlfriends. I have found that women, due to our various life experiences are somewhat skeptical of new relationships.

The League of Girlfriends is a social organization where you can connect with girlfriends with fresh perspectives, ideas and experiences and all with no-drama. We honor one another through our honestly and committee to ensure that each one of us grows through our experiences together. We host transformational workshops, relaxing retreats, wine and girl talks, local outings and other fun activities where you can truly disconnect from all there is stressful.

I have met some of the most incredible girlfriends who I am certain I will grow old with. My ​New Old Friends! To find out more about how to become a Girlfriend visit us at www.leagueofgirlfriends.com

Angie is the author of the “Wake-Up Girlfriend” series which began with “Wake Up Girlfriend Simple TRUTHS to get the marriage you want” and expands with the soon to be released “Wake Up Girlfriend Don’t Sleep on God’s message to you!” A true specialist in the art of influence and transformation she spent over 14 years in NYC at Morgan Stanley and its predecessor firms in executive roles. Over 20 years ago she founded Angela’s Exquisite Events, the premier wedding/event planning and floral design company. Since leaving corporate America and moving to GA she has become a preeminent Business Management and Transformational Coach.

Angie’s response to the overwhelming requests from women all over who desire to have a better understanding of how to navigate through relationships and life situations is the League of Girlfriends. She feels, “Everybody needs and deserves a good girlfriend!”

Angie chairs the membership committee as an executive board member for Atlanta Women’s Network, Atlanta’s oldest women business owner’s networking organization. Angie lives in Acworth, GA with her husband of 11 years and their 8-year-old son.


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