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Getting the Best from Your Team

Marcy Fortnow Jan 2017

Have you ever been part of a sports team where if you didn’t perform at 110% you felt like you let your team down? How do you create that attitude with your business, committee, board, organization, or community? How do you make people part of a team where they can communicate, be partners, and understand that each of them is important so they are inspired to work towards the common goal?

Team building programs can help create that spirit. Team building involves an activity that takes participants out of their comfort zone and engages them to work together on something new and challenging and fun. The goals of the exercise should reflect the strengths you want to reinforce, such as:

  • Positive interpersonal relations and communication
  • Improved innovation and problem solving
  • Effective leadership and use of roles and diversity
  • Strong shared vision and goals

Committing to Team Building activities is a great investment for your organization. Team building can be as simple as small groups solving a puzzle, or as elaborate as a mystery where everyone needs to play their role to solve the “crime”. No matter the size of your group, team building activities will foster a sense of camaraderie that will make your team more effective and productive.



Marcy Fortnow is the owner of Have A Bashery (haveabashery.com), a company dedicated to bringing people together for engaging fun and memorable programs. She works with companies, organizations, and families in the Chicago and Atlanta markets, providing large group events, themed celebrations, and creative team building games. Marcy has a background in software consulting, implementation, training and development. She has an MBA from Boston University with a focus in Operations and Management Policy.


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