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How to Create an “About Me” Page That Reflects Your Brand


Your website’s “About Me” page is one of its most important elements. A well written “About Me” page that reflects your brand’s message and value proposition builds trust and credibility among prospective customers.

It’s an opportunity to share your brand story and create a voice for your business that humanizes it and makes it relatable to your audience.

Here’s how to create a powerful and effective “About Me” page.


Understand your audience. Your page should position your business as the best choice for your audience. Your background and experience should both serve the ultimate goal of providing value to the users who are most likely to benefit from them.

Share your brand story. Stories resonate with people and create a brand identity. Your story should be interesting and highlight your achievements and expertise. More importantly, it must compel users to trust you as the ideal solution that meets their needs.

Serve the audience first. Consider what takeaways you want your readers to have. Offer information related to the experiences of other customers.

Humanize your brand. Include a photo and bio of any key members of your organization. Photos of team members are more memorable and increases the likelihood that users will return to your website.

Be accessible. Prospective customers must be able to contact you. Include your phone number, mailing address, social media profiles, etc.

Christi Riggs, AWN member and Bronze level Executive Sponsor, is Account Manager with Your Design Online, and helps clients achieve more with an improved digital presence. 


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