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How to Keep Up with Daily Business Tasks

The best part of my day is reviewing the work completed by my amazing team and thinking, “Wow, I could never do this alone.”

In order to be productive and profitable, a support team plus back end systems and processes that you can count on are vital. If you feel that you are wearing too many hats in your business, start delegating. Or, if you don’t have a team in place yet, start hiring — even if it’s just one person for a few hours a week. Start slow and build.

Here are five steps that you can take to get those extra hats off your head:

  • Focus on driving sales and growing the business, instead of day-to-day tasks.

Hire a virtual assistant or manager to handle time-consuming daily operations.


  • Work on tasks you enjoy and in which you have a level of expertise.

If social media is tough for you, delegate to someone else with knowledge in the space.


  • Put processes in place to support the business.
    Create processes for your team for tasks like new client onboarding or monthly time sheet input to remain consistent, not confusing.


  • Maximize automating processes to increase efficiency and reduce mistakes.
    Find and utilize software that will save you time and energy in areas like accounting, client retention and project management.


  • Be open and share where you are struggling with a coach or mentor.
    An outside perspective can help you determine where you may need to make changes.


Charla Mahon is owner/founder of WeManage Your Biz (wemanageyourbiz.com), the “Business and Marketing Operations Team for People with Big Ideas.” They partner with small business owners to ensure that the essential daily tasks in business get handled – the ones that often bog people down in their day — so that the owners can get back to focusing on the inspiring work of their businesses and make more money, too.


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