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Lash Extension Myths Busted

By Cathy Snyder

Although our location is new to Atlanta, The Lash Lounge concept was founded in Dallas over 10 years ago offering us a wealth of accumulated knowledge about the services we provide to clients. I enjoy working with my staff to make clients look beautiful and feel confident.  Seeing their reaction when they look in the mirror after their service is so rewarding! While lash extensions are quite popular, there are still a lot of myths about the service.

Can Lash Extensions damage my natural lashes?

When you combine premium products and a trained lash stylist with proper application techniques, then your natural lashes will not be damaged. It’s imperative to the health of your lashes to have each natural hair isolated when an extension is adhered to it so that the hairs can continue to grow and shed as they would naturally. Our stylists also create a custom design for each client making sure to select extensions with the appropriate length and thickness that can be supported by your natural lash. At The Lash Lounge, we only use formaldehyde-free, medical-grade adhesives which are made exclusively for lash extensions.

Does the process hurt?

Having lash extension applied does not hurt. As a matter of fact-it’s a very relaxing experience and most clients even nap!

Can you wash your face or eyes when you have lash extensions?

It’s actually more important than ever to keep your lashes and eye area clean when you have lash extensions. This will prolong the life of your extensions. Gently washing your eye area and lashes using a non-oil based cleanser is very important.


Cathy Snyder is the owner of The Lash Lounge Sandy Springs.  She jumped into this business after 17 years in the Corporate world followed by a break to raise her daughter.  Looking for a franchise opportunity, Cathy and her husband were introduced to the brand and founder through a close friend.  


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