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Theory of How Come

Are you “Willing to be Safe – from abusive men, shooters, destructive weather?” Our conscious minds often say YES. However, the subconscious mind usually says NO. Most people carry the instinctive “truth” that “I AM UNPROTECTED.” So, they put a lot of time and energy toward working to PROTECT themselves, and to RECOVER from damage. I believe there is a better way.

For over 25 years I have worked with individuals on their innate, hardwired beliefs and how to transform them. I’ve built my Theory of How Come – a new paradigm to explain how come things happen in our lives that we do not want, and what we can do about it. Using “Conscious Transformation,” the results with all my clients show how we can rapidly end anxiety attacks, cravings, and have the kind of relationships we desire.

I am currently forming a project on “Willingness to be Safe” for School Principals and Staff. More information will be available on my website www.ClearInstincts.com

About Rochele: Rochele HC Hirsch is a “systems person” with a background that includes an education in Physics and Operations Research, a 15-year corporate career with BellSouth,and 30-years as an entrepreneur. In 1987, she launched her consulting firm for Organization Effectiveness and Business Development. Projects took her around the country, and then to Singapore and Indonesia. In 1996 she also began a business in video conferencing sales and service, while continuing to consult on business development with large corporations and start-ups. Over the last 10 years she has increased her focus on both Color Analysis as a tool for effectiveness and on her Theory of How Come for Personal Transformation. In 2013 she published Relationship Chemistry: Understanding the Unspoken. Her forthcoming book is titled Get a Better Return on Your Crash & Burn. This year, after 6 years of traveling, Rochele has re-settled in Atlanta.

You can learn more about Rochele at www.ClearInstincts.com and www.ColorbyRochele.com


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